About WUD Art

Who we are

The members of the WUD Art Committee are all UW-Madison students who are in charge of selecting, curating, installing and maintaining exhibitions in the Wisconsin Union Galleries in the Memorial Union (Porter Butts Gallery, Class of 1925 Gallery, Theater Gallery and Lakefront on Langdon Gallery) and programming other visual arts events. Originally called the Studio Committee when organized in 1928 by the renowned Union Director, Porter Butts, the Art Committee is the oldest of the ten programming committees of the Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD). 

What we do

In order to find artists and exhibitions to be shown in the Wisconsin Union Galleries, the WUD Art Committee views slides of art submitted by professional artists, handles a voluminous correspondence, and researches the training and work of various artists. After the shows are selected, members must do detailed planning, publicizing and arranging for each exhibition. Committee members often work with the artist in designing, installing, and lighting the show. Associated programs to go along with the shows are planned as well, which can include gallery talks, lectures, and slide shows.

How to join

The WUD Art Committee always welcomes new members, especially those who have an interest in art, art show planning, and arts administration! The experiences you’ll come away with will be an invaluable addition to your education, and at the same time you will provide a much needed service for this campus. And, most importantly, you will have an opportunity to have fun and meet fun people. For any questions or more info on the WUD Art Committee, contact art@union.wisc.edu.


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