Reason Number 1: A Permanent Legacy



Wander around the Memorial Union long enough and you will find works by famous artists such as Diego Rivera, Dale Chihuly, and even Kurt Vonnegut. This in itself isn’t that surprising considering that the Union is part of a world-renowned university.  What is novel about these pieces is that they hang next to works purchased at the Annual Student Art Show, works created by once aspiring artists like you.

The two jurors (prominent members of the Madison art world, to be announced soon) will use the Class of 1930 Trust fund and Porter Butts Art Purchase award to buy winning student art to add to the collection. Long after you leave the university, your art will remain. It is a situation similar to having work in the permanent collection of a museum, with one important exception. EVERYONE, not just the kind of people who visit museums, will view your work. Families, alumni, students, visiting performers and scholars, everyone. Of the hundreds who visit the union on a given week, a few will fall in love with your piece. They will come back with their kids and say, “this was here when I was in school”. Sound sentimental and improbable? I’ve seen it happen. Works in the Union collection become legacies, and all you have to do for a chance at adding to that history is submit your work to the student art show.



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