For Art Nerds (that means all of you I suppose)

In case you haven’t had access to a newspaper or television or computer lately, I have news. If you follow the link posted above, you can wander through The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or Tate Britain, or the National Gallery, without leaving your computer. Once there, feel free to stick your nose practically in the paint. Google Art Project is collaborating with seventeen Museums around the world to offer virtual tours of the spaces and unbelievably intimate photographs of artwork housed in them.

I have spent an embarrassing amount of time on this web site, but I do need to take a step back  and ask a few questions.

Does an innovation like this detract from the real pieces of art hanging in museums? Why is it that even though I can get much closer to famous work digitally than I ever will in real life, I would still jump at the chance to see the real thing? What is it about being physically near a piece of art that feels so special?

I would love to here your thoughts! If you need some quality time with art in order to cook up an answer, I would suggest any of the amazing shows currently up at the union…

Some more insight on the issue:



One Response to “For Art Nerds (that means all of you I suppose)”

  1. I like seeing technology show up in the Art world. Like this one to museums and artwork helps broaden the range of artwork that I can see. Maybe, it helps reinforce museums that I would like to go to when the opportunity arises.
    I don’t see it as detracting from artwork, because for me, it is an interpretation of the artwork, like seeing a reproduction print in a book.

    However, when I physically go to museums there is somehow a real or true interaction between the artwork, environmental setting and other viewers. The artwork has a more complex and developed dimension that I respond to.

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