Breaking News: Porter Butts and Class of 1925 to break up?


As you all hopefully know, the memorial union is conducting a huge renovation. What I did not know until the most recent art committee meeting was the proposal to separate the Class of 1925 gallery from Porter Butts and move it to the other side of the second floor, near the Play Circle.

The committee had mixed reactions to the proposal. On one hand, the separation would allow for more flexible scheduling and distinctive shows. Physically separating the galleries would affirm the notion that the art committee managers several galleries. Having such a centralized gallery space can give the impression that the other galleries are afterthoughts. The split would also provide more gallery space and a closet with the capacity to store our pedestals. We usually need to bring them up from art storage, so this would be a huge improvement.

A valid argument against the move is that a the large combined gallery is perfect for big receptions. There is also a  concern that 1925 would be too out of the way and lose traffic it currently gets from Porter Butts.


There is still a lot of planning and redesigning to do, and Art Committee will have a significant voice in the process. As if there weren’t enough great reasons to attend meetings!



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